About Me

I'm a 33 years old french artist, currently working in Japan as a concept artist for IGG Tokyo. I've been working over 13 years in the animation and video game industry as a game artist, creating concepts, renders and animations, and also directed a few projects.

Working closely with development teams for the past years offered me a wide range of expertise on mobile game projects.  

I'm specialized in creating cute cartoon 2D content: Characters, creatures, backgrounds, sets and items. I mostly work with the Adobe suit, particularly with Flash, to create polished vector assets, commercial illustrations and sprite animations. But I also work on concepts or illustrations using various  digital/traditional tools depending on the need of each project. 

Professionally fluent in english and spanish, I've both worked in big international teams for companies like IGG, Ankama or Social Point, and remotely, with smaller teams for startups or indie game companies all over the world during my years freelancing. As such, I'm able to fit in very quickly.

I like to be involved in each project I work on:  adapting my style following a pre-existing visual identity or creating a brand new universe, finding solutions to overcome technical limitations, participating on planning and meetings, and even taking on some technical management responsabilities.  

On my Spare time I keep working on various projects,  game jams, trainings to update my skills, and creating more personal watercolor illustrations to develop my own universe. I Already participate to exhibitions in France or US and self-published few artbooks of my personal works . Also, I'm deeply involved in the network of freelancers, writing some articles to help to handle this peculiar status and share my experience.

Feel free to drop me a line if you want to get in touch!  

Web: www.foyaland.com
Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/Foyaland
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoyaLand
Mail: contact@foyaland.com

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