Affichage des articles du 2024


 After a few hectic years all over the world working as a senior 2D animator for Social Point  / Take 2 Interactive   in Barcelona , then living in japan to work as a Senior Concept Artist / Assistant Art Manager for IGG  , a famous chinese Mobile game company with a team in Tokyo, Japan... I finally created my own company !  I'm now offering my services as a freelancer for consulting, Art Direction, Concept Art, Visual Development and 2D art and animation for games. I'm also occasionally hiring  art teams to be able to collaborate on bigger projects with specific need all together.  Check my latests Portfolio updates and  let's get in touch ! 

30 Days of 3D Challenge !

Hey there! Here's a glimpse into my latest project. Now, in addition to my expertise in 2D visual development, concepts, and animations, I'm thrilled to offer top-notch, budget-friendly 3D services to amazing clients like you. Let's bring your ideas to life in 3D! See more content on my Portfolio ~ grow your own skills with tutorials and training on Domestika  

3D diorama : little kitchen

Modeling little worlds with various props and characters, playing with the color palette and lightings to make it cosy ~  Get a closer look on this project through my Portfolio ~  mobile and desktop wallpapers available here on my kofi shop  

Happy CNY 2024 : 3D earth dragon animated with Spine

After a bunch of professional trainings and Tutorials from Domestika   to get more deep into 3D modeling and lighting, I decided challenge myself  within a few days bootcamp to design a little something from scratch to celebrate Chinese New Year. The full process is explained better here in my portfolio ,so check it out ! ;)  Meanwhile, here you can take a look on the final render  :  ~ The Illustration was available as a free wallpaper for February's supporters. It is now available in my digital shop on Kofi .If you want to study how I work,my original files and ressources are also available for download   here~   If you like my content , spread the love with a like and kind words, or keep me energized a coffee KOFI ~

3D cartoon charadesign : cute tiger rabbit

Just something done quickly on my spare time for my practice ... Part of my training learning 3D was to feel more comfortable in intuitive sculpt ,directly creating and hand painting a character in the 3D sofware. I like very cartoony and stylized artstyles so here is a cute chunky creature with a bumpy little butt~ you can see more of this project in my various 3D projects from my Behance Portfolio