3D Blender course ( Domestika Review)

I'm specialized for many years now in 2D , animation,traditional and digital illustration, concept and visual development, storytelling,... And that's already a lot! So when it comes about 3D , i usually prefer to delegate that task to someone who's specialized in that! 

But as those past few years I've been creating more and more concepts for 3D teams,  I decided it was time for me to learn it too...at least to have a better understanding of the process and the challenges, to adapt my Sketches the best for my teammates! 
The first step is usually the most difficult: it took me some time to make room in my schedule for something that would probably come with headaches. But the experience was actually more enjoyable and easier than i thought... 

My pinterest Board for Pastel Pop cakes, donuts and other cute pastries

I was inspired by Yasmin Islas Domingez course on Domestika to create this Kawaii little character made of sugar with Blender. 

It's been a long time I follow her work since we have a similar professional background, and she made it quite easy and clear for beginners to follow her process. I still had to pause the video sometimes , but mostly because I got a different interface on my Blender version 😅
I didn t really like the glazed donut shape : so I made it simpler

Duration of the course : I think it's possible to complete this course over a day or a rainy  weekend. It took me just over a few evenings after work , but I had to split because i was already juggling between too many other projects this month .And I also had fun adding myself a few extra explorations and homework !🤓

At the end, I'm quite happy i took a step out of my comfort zone to learn something new.. This made me feel more confident to try other online courses  from Domestika !

My honest Feedback on Domestika: 

Pros: Those courses are actually far better for me to follow than all the YouTube tutorials I've tried so far and that completely lost me. At least this brings clear goals, there is a community to share your progress and keep you motivated , and each chapter comes with many ressources to go further in details 

(plus, it's usually quite cheap as there are regular sales and special events)

Cons : If like me, you are not very good with interfaces,better plan a bit extra time to google and find these buttons to click ! But nothing too frustrating . the only other difficulty I could think would be if you can t find your own language and are not comfortable with english or spanish. Otherwise there are usually many courses available in differenteuropean  languages + subtitles !

Now...Any suggestion of what I should study next to get better? And what about you, if you could learn a new skill , which one would you pick

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