Affichage des articles du juillet, 2011

Blue Lagoon

Oasis in the Lava fields, Blue Lagoon can be seen from far away. The Spa is fed by the hot water (38-40°C) from the  power station nearby . Sea water is rich of minerals, algaes, and Silice ( everyone cover his face with this white jelly which is supposed to be good for skin.) 
We all look a bit silly...

Nuits Blanches

It's the wrong season for sunset pictures, sun decided never to go to bed...


REYKJAVIK (bay of smokes) a quiet and explosive capital city ( especially during saturday night's runtur). You can find here museums, bookshop cafe , an ultra-modern church and beautiful paintings on walls a bit everywhere...
HOW TO RECOGNIZE A TOURIST IN ICELAND ? Tourist wears lots of hot clothes, never eats on terrace (it's 8°C outside when sun shines) That's why everyone directly speaks to us in english.

Between Keflavik's airport and Reykjavik, there are violets flowers everywhere. they protects soils from erosion, but destroy all the local flora.

champ de lave et champ de lupins maritimes lava field & lupins field

*this trip is sponsored by superbro*

Special thanks à notre Ultime Super Héros , qui s'est tappé plus de 4h d'aller/retour pour nous amener à Paris en pleine nuit. Je me devais de citer son dévouement et son courage! (ok, je l'ai un peu mal dessiné , il est mieux en vrai!)  
Special Thanks to our ultimate super hero, who drove 4h to go to Paris in the middle of the night!

Finally arrived in iceland (fortunately not too much frozen in June). Under the plane,impressive landscapes with Blue Lagoon and field of lava. -2:00 of jet lag with France.