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3D Blender course ( Domestika Review)

I'm specialized for many years now in 2D , animation,traditional and digital illustration, concept and visual development, storytelling,... And that's already a lot! So when it comes about 3D , i usually prefer to delegate that task to someone who's specialized in that!  But as those past few years I've been creating more and more concepts for 3D teams,  I decided it was time for me to learn it least to have a better understanding of the process and the challenges, to adapt my Sketches the best for my teammates!  The first step is usually the most difficult: it took me some time to make room in my schedule for something that would probably come with headaches. But the experience was actually more enjoyable and easier than i thought...  My pinterest Board for Pastel Pop cakes, donuts and other cute pastries I was inspired by Yasmin Islas Domingez course on Domestika to create this Kawaii little character made of sugar with Blender.  It

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From 3€ : In exchange of your donation, you will receive this weekly mindfulness calendar, to use as a wallpaper or print. It's full of little tips to make each day better and better!  From 9€ : in addition of the calendar, you can become one of my official penpals and received a personalized postcard from me to you! Postcards are printed on cardboard laminated paper and sent on demand directly from my partners professional printers based in US,France,Germany . It usually arrive within the week in France, Germany, Europe, USA, and 2-3 weeks max for all the other destinations 

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Hi there, just a little message to let you know that each month, in exchange of a cup of coffee , you can receive some limited edition rewards from me!  This month you can get a mochi companion for your phone, it will come as a mobile wallpaper downloadable from the 'thank you' note that you'll receive with any donation or membership... ...if you prefer, a desktop/ tablet version is also available from the digital shop ! I'm also planning monthly memberships , that will give you access on more exclusive content, download HD files , or delivery of goods such as happy mail postcards and packs of digital files, process videos or tutos, so stay tuned! Ko-Fi is similar to Patreon, it's a way to tip your favorite artists, except the platform doesn't take any commission on the donations (all goes to support the artists!) This is a symbolic way to show your appreciation, o.c that doesn't pay all my professional fees


 After a few hectic years all over the world working as a senior 2D animator for Social Point in Barcelona , then as a Senior Concept Artist for IGG in Toky... I finally created my own company!  I'm now offering my services as a contractor for consulting, Art Direction, Concept Art, Visual Development and 2D art and animation for games. I'm also occasionally hiring other freelance artists to be able to collaborate on bigger projects together.  Check my latests Portfolio updates and  let's get in touch ! 

2D Flash Animation

A la recherche de nouvelles opportunités professionnelles pour payer les factures, voici quelques sprites animés cette semaine sous Flash. La semaine prochaine j'expérimenterai sous Unity. I 'm currently looking for new professional opportunities to pay the bills, so here are a few sprites I've animated this week with Flash! Next week I'll experimentwith Unity.

Ludum Dare 38: Small World

            Voici notre participation au Ludum Dare Challenge n°38, réalisée en 72h avec mon ami  Lars  . Pour coller au thème "Small World", nous avons choisi de créer un jeu atmosphérique, où pour survivre, des créatures devraient manger et évoluer dans un petit écosystème. Pour en voir un peu plus, allez voir mon  Portfolio ! Testez ce jeu en suivant  ce lien  !  Here is our entry to the Ludum Dare challenge n°38, made from scratch under 72h with my friend  Lars  . When the theme "small world" came out, we thought about creating an atmospheric game, creatures should have to eat to survive and evolve in this ecosystem! More about the project  on my Portfolio !  Play the game  here  !